"Sweet, adorable... with a hint of insanity."  TheWrap.com Entertainment News

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Donald J. Tramp is a servicemark of April Brucker.

Donald J. Tramp is a ventriloquist’s dummy that bears a striking resemblance to the 45th U.S. President — complete with orange quiff, squinty eyes and an outrageous mouth. April Brucker is the petite, Monroe-esque ventriloquist who launched Mr. Tramp's presidential bid on April Fools' Day 2016 with a series of YouTube campaign videos.

From New York’s Trump Tower to the Republican National Convention to the Presidential Debates, April and Mr. Tramp campaigned across the country and attracted media coverage from the Associated Press, Reuters and hundreds of media outlets worldwide.

"From Jeff Dunham and Walter all the way back to Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy, ventriloquists' dummies have always gotten away with outrageous remarks," says Ms. Brucker. "Now there's a President who makes professional dummies look like amateurs."

Ms. Brucker’s television credits include ABC’s “What Would You Do,” “CBS Sports Now,” NBC’s “Today Show, plus numerous syndicated and cable shows, including “Cash Cab,” “Entertainment Tonight,” “Inside Edition,” “Layover With Anthony Bourdain,” “My Strange Addiction” and “No Reservations.” Plus, she is now a video correspondent for The Clyde Fitch Report, the nationally recognized arts and politics website.

Experience a hilarious evening of politically incorrect comedy on stage with not only April and President Tramp, but also former Secretary of State Hillary Clifton, Vice President Mike Dispence, presidential advisor Kellyanne Oneway and even Mexican President Don Juan dé Casanova dé Gorgita.

While awaiting their subpoenas to testify at Congressional Hearings, April and President Tramp are touring nationwide performing at casinos, comedy clubs, colleges, performing arts centers and theaters. 

"Broadway World" called their show, "Politically incorrect for conservatives and liberals alike." And "The Wrap — Covering Hollywood" called it, "Sweet, adorable... with a hint of insanity."

The Lady and President Tramp

Actress, comedienne and media personality April Brucker stars in "The Lady and President Tramp," a politically incorrect comedy retrospective of her experiences with Donald J. Tramp during the 2016 U. S. Presidential campaign.